Multisite, custom post types and link to your content

Oh my

Alright, so that was probably a bit much but I couldn’t come up with a better way to start the post. Not to mention this is probably the closest I will come to having a harrowing or cautionary tale to post, though this really is neither. What it is is what happened when I went to update the one plugin I maintain for what should have been a simple change.

Custom Post Types

When custom post types were introduced in WordPress 3.0 my first inclination was to simply respond to no one in particular, “thats neat.” It wasn’t until I had gone through this article┬áby Justin Tadlock that I started to wrap my feeble little mind around how this was going to affect the sites I built in WordPress. Gone were the days of hijacking a category or tag to segment out specific posts to be treated differently than the rest of the blog. No more pages being created simply to be parents for pages that were to be pulled out and displayed differently. Now all that needed to be done was register a new custom post type and any custom taxonomies or post meta that need to be included. With the update to the default link tool that allowed for linking to custom post types they became just another part of the planning phase when mapping out a new site.

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