Link to Your Content 1.7.2 – Insert Release Name Here

One of these days I’m really going to get ahead of things. Although I’ve said that before and it didn’t quite work, but this time will be different.

In the absence of that happening the latest version of Link to Your Content has been released, complete with a fix for WordPress 3.6. So go ahead, download the latest release and get back to linking to your content.

*No really, search is coming. And no, these posts will never be better written than this.

Shhh…I’m not really here

Sometimes I forget the different ways people have of getting in touch with me until I notice an blue highlight where I don’t normally see one. Then I realize notifications aren’t set up properly in various places and I’ve missed a message elsewhere. And thats when it dawns on me that a new release of WordPress has been out for almost a week and two people have kindly informed me of an issue with the one plugin I am tasked with supporting.

Thankfully I think I know what the issue is without even opening up any files and should be able to have a fix out soon. Right before hibernating again for another 7-8 months.

I’m glad people on the internet are patient.

*Search functionality is coming, I swear.

Link to Your Content 1.7.1 – Humerus

Ok, so the name wasn’t really necessary but I though I would include it just this once. The important part however is that a new version of the plugin is available for download, now 3.5 compatible thanks to this informative and easy to find post. So why not update Link to Your Content¬†today*. Its free, easy and gets rid of the pesky wanring message that tells everyone I was using $wpdb->prepare wrong.

*No really, if you could update the plugin and cover up my shame it would be appreciated. If you do I’ll start working on the search functionality. Probably not right away, but who really reads these notes anyway.

3.5 Compatibility Update Forthcoming

After a relaxing seven month sabbatical, otherwise known as laziness, I realize its probably time to get a compatibility update going seeing as how a new version of WordPress has snuck up on me. Alright, so it didn’t so much sneak up on my as a non-union humeral shaft fracture and never ending to-do list at work have taken my focus elsewhere. Fear not though, between now and the end of the year an update will arrive, my holiday gift to you. Please try to contain your excitement, I don’t want to have to clean up any messes.


Link to Your Content v1.7

Got a bunch of old mp3s laying around? Want to link to them so people can easily download them for their listening pleasure? Well now you can!

Alright, so you could before, but now you can do so more easily with version 1.7* of the Link to Your Content plugin. Simply click on the shiny new media tab and you will be presented with a paginated list of all the items in your Media Library not already displayed under the Documents or Images tabs.

*Small word of advice, when making SVN commits for a plugin, even if it is simply tagging the latest version, you might want to check your spelling before hitting enter.