Missing Icon Fix

Two people have mentioned this already, and there may be more out there wondering why the icon is no longer appearing. Simple answer, every time I update the plugin I have to learn how to use SVN all over again, which inevitably causes problems. Thankfully the fix is simple enough.

If you are on version 1.8 of the plugin simply updating to 1.8.1 will fix the issue. However, if you are already on version 1.8.1 and the icon is still not appearing you will unfortunately have to delete and reinstall the plugin, but I can confirm it will fix the issue.

Most importantly I learned something and will not make this same mistake again.

I hope.

*No really, this one I’m going to remember. Its the other mistakes I have to worry about.

Link to Your Content 1.8 – Procrastinator

Alright, so that could technically be the release name for most versions of the plugin, but it fits best for this version. As I work with WordPress more and more I try to keep up with the trac timeline and all the changes that may or may not affect my day to day work or the code of my one simple little plugin. So yes, I knew around the time it was first announced that WordPress 3.9 would bring with it tinyMCE 4.x and necessary changes to ensure continued linking to content. I just didn’t realize how much would need to change until I dove into the code and realized that the way the tabs are being handled is now considered depreciated code.

Which is why this is a partial compatibility update and why I will no longer be procrastinating so long on make necessary updates. Thankfully the very useful compat3x plugin for tinyMCE is saving me in this case and giving me more time to make changes that I was planning on anyway, just sooner that I would have thought. All that being said, version 1.8 is now out, complete with the aforementioned updates for tinyMCE 4.x as well as:

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor style tweaks
  • Translation compatibility updates
  • Plugin en el español por Andrew de WebHostingHub
  • Dutch translation
  • The ability to use an image as the link in WP 3.9+
  • …and more
*No really, I’m going to be updating this more frequently now. If all goes well the next update will be out before the next major version of WordPress.

The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

Ok, so the exaggeration was on my part as it was only one person who asked if I was still updating the plugin, but it was asked. And yes, I am still updating the plugin, however slowly that may be.

I am aware of the changes made in 3.9 that I need to address, and will be working to get a new version out soon. For anyone wondering I’ve also taken the time to actually come up with a plan for the future of the plugin which is:

1.8 – The upcoming update which will feature the changes for 3.9 as well as some bug fixes, and translations for Spanish and Dutch kindly provided by users of the plugin.

1.9 – Search! Yes it is coming. The one feature I have been wanting to add has finally been started and while it wont be done in time for 1.8 I have the basics in place and it will be happening.

2.0 – The rewrite update. When I first released the plugin it was a simple tool to solve a need that has grown more than I thought it would and is in need of an overhaul. This was the first real plugin I ever wrote, and the only one I ever released, so it was as much of a learning experience as anything else. Now that WordPress is using tinyMCE 4.0 the plugin is starting to feel clunky so using ideas gathered from other projects I will be rewriting everything to hopefully work and look a bit smoother.

Hopefully this time I wont hibernate as long, though my prediction was a lot more accurate than I would have like it to be.

*I told you search was coming. And I’m still glad people on the internet are patient, at least with me.