The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

Ok, so the exaggeration was on my part as it was only one person who asked if I was still updating the plugin, but it was asked. And yes, I am still updating the plugin, however slowly that may be.

I am aware of the changes made in 3.9 that I need to address, and will be working to get a new version out soon. For anyone wondering I’ve also taken the time to actually come up with a plan for the future of the plugin which is:

1.8 – The upcoming update which will feature the changes for 3.9 as well as some bug fixes, and translations for Spanish and Dutch kindly provided by users of the plugin.

1.9 – Search! Yes it is coming. The one feature I have been wanting to add has finally been started and while it wont be done in time for 1.8 I have the basics in place and it will be happening.

2.0 – The rewrite update. When I first released the plugin it was a simple tool to solve a need that has grown more than I thought it would and is in need of an overhaul. This was the first real plugin I ever wrote, and the only one I ever released, so it was as much of a learning experience as anything else. Now that WordPress is using tinyMCE 4.0 the plugin is starting to feel clunky so using ideas gathered from other projects I will be rewriting everything to hopefully work and look a bit smoother.

Hopefully this time I wont hibernate as long, though my prediction was a lot more accurate than I would have like it to be.

*I told you search was coming. And I’m still glad people on the internet are patient, at least with me.

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