Link to Your Content v1.6.1

Where did I read recently that testing was an important part of programming?

Ah, right, the post directly below this one. That I wrote. Two months ago. One of these days I will have to learn to take my own advice. In the meantime I will continue to dutifully keep the plugin updated and working for as many people as I conceivably can.

Which brings me to the most recent release, 1.6.1. Unbeknownst to me, because I never tested this case, you couldn’t link a full line of text in IE with the method I was using to create the link in tinyMCE. Well, now you can. A few small behind the scenes tweaks to the way links are handled, and to styles, have the plugin working fully and looking a little better in IE. So if you’re using IE I recommend updating to the latest version so you can actually use the plugin as it was intended. And if you’re not using IE I still recommend updating to the latest version to stay current, just because.

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