1000 Strong and Growing

Alright, so it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the old Flintstone vitamin commercials, but I was admittedly a little happy/proud to see that the first plugin I had released made it over the 1000 download mark. And I figured it was a good first milestone to mark with some sort of announcement/feature release.

Pagination, Table for 20

Speaking of feature release, Version 1.5.1 of Link to Your Content has officially been let loose upon on the internet now with user defined pagination values. So instead of having to use the default 20, though you still can, you can now decide for yourself after how many entries the plugin should paginate. I know what you’re thinking, glamorous right, with all that I could have done this was clearly the best upgrade and the one everyone was waiting for.  What can I say, I live to please.

Although the roadmap for the plugin isn’t wrong, I do plan on adding the ability to create external and email links as well as the ability to search. It just wasn’t in the cards for an update that I could start and finish in one afternoon.

So to those 1000 or so people who decided, whether in their right mind of not, to download and use this simple little plugin I wrote I say thank you.

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